“I have had the privilege of working directly with and along side of most of the Impact Training and Development team in various organizational, team and leadership development initiatives. Their individual and collective expertise in developing and delivering customized solutions in these areas has been outstanding, and the feedback from participants of such programs, ranging from high potential employees to senior most leadership, is at the highest level. Their excellent blend of theory, practical and experiential knowledge together with their exceptional delivery skills makes such results possible.”

Tim Conlon, Chief Learning Officer, Xerox Corporation

“IMPACT has developed, administered and facilitated quite a few team-building sessions for our group during the past several years. They created thought-provoking, challenging and most of all “fun” exercises that were uniquely crafted to address our specific issues and goals. After the first training session, IMPACT fortified and built upon previous team building exercises. The lessons and positive impressions of the training sessions are clearly present in our day-to-day work environment. Their ability to “read” the human condition in group dynamics is masterful.”

Sherre Ritenour, Director, Colorado Springs Transit

“IMPACT Leadership Development Group has the consummate professionals with the experience and credentials to prove it. We have worked together on a major corporate project and on materials for culture assessment. Their unique background with the Air Force Academy, the Center for Creative Leadership, as certified ropes course trainers, and as independent consultants, along with their graduate level education and research have given them an enormous capacity to tackle almost any type of leadership, team, and organizational development project. Add to that well-rounded personalities that enables them to relate and communicate effectively with virtually any type of client organization, and you have a real winner. I am very proud to have the IMPACT team as my associates.”

D. Joseph Fisher, Ph.D., President, Orion International, L.L.C.

“The Impact Leadership Development session was an investment in our sales team that has paid dividends many times greater than we expected. The challenge was to customize the content into one of our sales training events and direct the concepts towards a sales team. Impact Leadership Development were just the right group to meet both challenges. Through team exercises, discussion, and introspection our team grew to understand how they interact more successfully with our clients and internal partners. They not only enriched the individuals’ understanding of how to collaborate and lead, but the session created a camaraderie and team atmosphere that continued long after the class. In the weeks following our session, the sales team leveraged that energy and toolset into one of best sales performances of recent history. Xerox believes that investing in our professionals is one of the best ways to drive collective success. In this case, the investment was well worth it.”

John L. Dusett, Marketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

  •  “The whole experience opens you up to things you may not have known about yourself”
  • This was an excellent class! The expertise of the facilitators was extremely valuable as it allowed concepts to “click” for me. I am walking away with a very clear understanding of my strengths and opportunities as well as what I need to do after this class.  Time well spent!”
  •  “The program was a perfect blend of experience that I will apply immediately!”
  • “This leadership program was a great blend of textbook learning and real-life experience”
  • “I learned some technical skills necessary to be an effective leader”
  • “All aspects of the program will be applicable to my job. Opportunities to work with and network with colleagues were particularly valuable and the executive coaching was extremely helpful too”
  • “Outstanding use of the time in the 3-day program. Made me think about things I haven’t focused on enough” (Managing Director, TOR)
  • “It was so valuable to gain knowledge of myself using new tools to help me become a more effective leader. Really loved the balance of interactive and non-interactive learning, coaching, etc. in this program!”
  • “This was an amazing experience, which will have immediate and direct impact on my work”
  • “Both instructors were effective speakers who clearly articulated the program objectives and did an excellent job identifying applicable leadership behaviors and methods to develop them”
  • “The facilitators were very easy to talk to, made everyone feel important, showed care for our development and made the three days in the program feel like it was only 15 minutes. The time flew by!”
  • “The facilitators both have a tremendous ability to connect with participants, both through humor and the credibility of the material”
  • “Both facilitators were very effective and knowledgeable, and kept the interest alive all of the time”
  • “Facilitators were friendly, engaging and insightful”
  • “Facilitators were fun, educated and relevant”
  • “Interaction with other leaders in our organization was great. Appreciated the real world experience of the facilitators who were very engaging, passionate and knowledgeable” (Corporate VP) – TOR
  • “Their honesty and complementary personalities made the class fun and “real”
  • “Depth and breadth of knowledge. Facilitators both had vastly different perspectives due to their history and MBTI types yet the message was clear. It was a great example of how this all works universally”
  • “Great help, empowering conversation with my executive coach”
  • “My coaches’ input was very valuable. She put me at ease and assisted me to focus on my areas of opportunity”
  • “My coach was inspirational! Very knowledgeable and provided excellent advice. I look forward to working with him more in the next few months!”
  • “I found my coaching session to be very insightful and gave me the foundation and inspiration to address my weaknesses”