The challenges facing today’s leaders and executives are more complex and diverse that in any period in our history. A leader’s ability to cope with the pace and scope of change often distinguishes successful from derailed executives. Our approach to providing an executive leadership coaching service is to develop a “trusted advisor” relationship that leads to sustainable personal and professional growth.

We invest time in each executive’s business organization in order to understand his/her unique challenges. We then customize a development plan that leverages the executive’s strengths and challenge areas. Executive leadership coaching sessions may be either in person or on the phone, depending on desired behavioral change outcomes.

Executive Coaching Services include:

Executive Effectiveness Assessment:   Thorough data collection, analysis and feedback regarding the executive’s overall effectiveness. Outcome: Profound understanding of strengths and weaknesses resulting in a personal development action plan.

Coaching for Results:   Provides regular one hour coaching sessions covering a range of topics including executive business and leadership challenges, interpersonal conflict, succession planning, business partnering and networking, life balance and integration and career management.  Outcome: Improved performance and effectiveness.

Coaching to Reinforce Organizational Learning:  Focuses on quick primer on the qualities of learning organizations and an overview of the executive’s role in reinforcing learning and development initiatives. Outcome: Better supported and more effective development programs within the organization.