Why Impact Leadership

IMPACT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT GROUP is an international training, executive coaching, and organizational development company specializing in designing, and conducting interactive organizational group/team, and individual learning programs to meet today’s rapidly changing business climate.


Impact Leadership Development Group was created in 1998 based on a vision for exciting, readily transferable, action-oriented learning programs for organizations engulfed in the turbulence of change. The philosophy behind Impact’s training methodology is the creation of long-term learning partnerships with our clients in order to capitalize on the unique insights held by each.

It is our firm belief that no organizational development professional can provide meaningful learning programs without first gaining an in-depth understanding of the organization’s history and specific needs. As a result, we prefer to create custom programs for each client based upon a thorough needs assessment. This approach affords both the client organization and Impact Leadership an opportunity to best serve the unique needs of the group.

Of course we offer a robust portfolio of time tested workshops based on the most common presenting needs from our experiences with clients. Choosing an Impact workshop that is ready to go can save you both time and money.


Unlike in professional sports, performing arts etc., business organizations rarely take the opportunity to practice. Every decision made and every action taken has consequences associated with it. We believe that professional business people need the chance to learn about, and then practice effective team and leadership behaviors in a non-threatening, developmental environment in order to transfer learning back to the workplace. We couple classic classroom training with experiential methodologies such as business simulations, adventure-based learning, executive coaching, and action learning projects. These methodologies provide participants with bold, discovery oriented and learner-centered growth opportunities that illustrate the staggering potential of collaborative effort, team learning, and synergy. Participants learn that alignment around a clear vision, effective leadership, and team behaviors results in unprecedented levels of performance, productivity and collective power.

Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to insure long-lasting results with relationship-driven training and consulting services. We are just a phone call away to answer questions and provide the requisite ongoing coaching that equals personal and organizational success!


Our integrated approach to personal and organizational development distinguishes us from the myriad of training and development companies in the marketplace. Regardless of the target audience (individual, team, or organization), we believe that meaningful leadership development occurs best if one engages learning in at least three modes: cognitively, emotionally and through guided practice to include:

The Head
We engage our participants’ intellect through presentations and discussion of current theory and practice of leadership. We believe in challenging old paradigms of management and leadership by incorporating global perspectives and practical skills that lead to bottom line performance and talent engagement. We apply substantive, research-based content coupled with interactive classroom, and simulation learning.

The Heart
No development effort is complete without accurate and unfiltered developmental feedback. Gaining insight into the perspectives and emotional responses of others is critical for all leaders at all levels. Knowledge of these perspectives is not enough, however. Coaching and development guidance is essential for growth to occur. Our programs are rich in assessment data, as well as peer and executive coaching feedback. This provides each participant, team or organization with a benchmark for goal setting and meaningful development.

The Hands
One of the major differences between professional teams such as sports teams, flight demonstration teams, musical ensembles etc. is the amount of time spent practicing and perfecting their craft. Many of these teams spend 90% of their time practicing and only 10% in actual performance. In business, these percentages are reversed at best. Every decision made and every action taken has a consequence associated with it. We believe in creating conditions for leaders to practice newly learned skills in a safe and developmental environment that is rich in feedback. This approach increases the likelihood that new skills will become a natural part of each participant’s leadership skills repertoire through action-oriented experiential learning.

We are certain of the successes to be achieved using this formula. This has been the key to our success for more than 20 years. If you are tired of “mountain top” training experiences that only serve to magnify the “valleys” of daily work, let our professional staff at Impact Leadership Development partner with you to create the lasting personal and organizational transformation you desire! Contact us today!